Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Character Blog

This is the BFG and Sophie. 'BFG' stands for 'Big Friendly Giant'. There are bad giants in it. The BFG is good. Papa read the BFG to me. I really like the book. How about you read it too?

This is 'Alice in Wonderland'. I watched the movie of it. She put some flowers on her cat. It was crazy and I liked it. You should watch it too.

This is 'The Flight of the Dodo'. The penguin pooped in the middle of the geese. The geese pooped on the penguin. This book is about birds that cannot fly. They make a flying machine. It is very funny. You should read it too.

This is the 'Space Chimps' movie. They flew in a rocket ship. They found 'Kilowatt'. They got back to Earth. You should see it too.

This is 'India the Moonstone Fairy'. She has a jewel that looks like a circle. Her shoes glow pink and blue. Rachel and Kirsty help her. It is a fairy chapter book. India has a flower in her hair and on her dress.

This is 'Sophie the Sapphire Fairy'. Her jewel is a diamond and her diamond is blue. It is a fairy chapter book too. I read these fairy books with Mama.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Special Post

I made this bag because I wanted to. I like ballerina's. It looks like she is doing the sugarplum fairies.

The rose is from my old "Hello Kitty" backpack. (The bag is reversible).

Last Sunday night I lost my tooth in bed. The tooth fairy brought me 2 quarters.

This is my first timeline ever. It was my homework.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going Birding

I went birding with my family on the boardwalk, and we saw lots of ducks.

There is a bird sleeping on the log.

The egret is finding some food.

The ducks are with a tree and finding some food.

We throw rocks off the tower.

The swan is swimming with the lilypads.

I am taking a picture of the sky.