Monday, May 19, 2014

Ringette Videos

Here are a few videos from Calliope's ringette practices. The first video is from the first session. The other two are from the last session. The girl with the red on her jersey is a Canadian who played for the U.S. team in North Bay in December. She came down from Ayr to play that day with her parents.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ringettte week 4

Last Sunday was the last ringette of the Spring session. The coach is hoping she'll play in the fall so we got to keep the equipment for now. Here are some pictures. I'll post videos in a different post.

Floyd watching the zamboni before she took to the ice.

We sat a little closer this time.

Calliope skating and I got a bit of knitting done before Floyd needed more attention.

Skating around with a ring.

"Why are we here? And what do you mean Calliope's out there? I don't see her!"

Coach trying to get it away from her.

Floyd found a puck.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Ringette - Week 1

Calliope once again did the spring ringette session. She is now old enough to play with the older girls. Her skill level isn't quite the same as the other girls as they have also been playing hockey for several years. Here are some pictures of her first practice back in April.

Floyd interested in what is going on - the zamboni might have still been on the ice.

Calliope on the ice and doing some drills.

Going around pylons.


Nova in the penalty box.

Practicing stick handling.

Get it, Calliope!

Time to play!